The Build

Why, How & Where We Build
The Build admin February 6, 2020
Ceci Bates Custom Homes

At Ceci Bates Custom Homes, the wood, sticks and bricks might be the same as everyone else but imagination, passion, ideas & the build process itself is what takes us out of the box.

We are a custom home builder with over 40 years combined experience. In those years we have learned that it really is all about you, the home buyer. We have created a process to ensure a smooth and successful build.

Project Management


Through our Ceci Bates online portal you will be able to view the progress of your home build from start to completion. Communications are centralized to provide instant company wide and vendor connections   This allows you and our team the ability to quickly and securely change a light fixture style for example or inform you of a scheduling change.

Craftsmanship & Imagination

Our home builds utilize the finest in materials and craftsmanship.

Your home will be built to a minimum building code of International Building Code 2019 (IBC 2019). Your home will be built to International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Zone 3 and or above. 

Here a just a few of the building options that are available:

  • Solar – Specialty Trim -Multi-Room Audio – Home Theater – Control 4 Home Automation Systems – Intercom – Structured Lighting Control Systems – Automated Window Shades – Central Vacuum Systems – Surveillance Camera Systems – Alarm Systems Elevators• Outdoor Grills Appliances – Patio Heaters – Electric Rolling Shades – Electric Rolling Screens – Screened Porches – Outdoor Firepits – Automated Door Cart- Recirculating System for instant hot water

We encourage you to use your imagination. Discover what inspires you. We will bring your imagination to life and build a home that is not only visually stunning, but a space that will create lasting memories.

The First Steps
Working with Us
Sit down with Scott

( via phone, virtual or in person) and he will discuss lot evaluation, home design and budget with you.

    Lot evaluation includes lot size, curvatures, elevation or any special lot requirements. This information will be considered before choosing a home design plan. You do not have to have your own lot. We can find one for you.

   Home Plans is the next topic that Scott will go over with you. With your lot considerations understood, the next step is to decide on a home design. Scott will encourage you to dream big. Lay all your needs and desires on the table.

You may choose to have your home designed by one of our architects or yours.

   Budget is discussed next. Scott will provide you with the right options to achieve your goals. Any way you want it Scott will make it work. This will be a preliminary budget.

A meeting will be scheduled

with the interior designer Heather. The purpose of this meeting will be to pre-select decorative items such as: Countertops, Backsplash, Flooring, Tile Tub and Showers, Etc. This will set up a proper budget based on materials you like for your home. These items will not necessarily be the final selections as our Interior Designer will work with you to complete these items after the project is contracted with you. 

Amy will work hand in hand

with Heather in ordering and organizing your build finishes. She will stay on top of the process and keep you informed every step of the way.

Home Plans
We will work with your plans or choose from a wide array of ready to build home plans available. We also offer beautiful custom plans through our partner designers.