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Our Start
The Builders admin February 6, 2020
Tom Ceci

Tom Ceci - Co-founder and builder - started the business after years as a young man working side by side with family who were in the construction business for most of their lives. Tom learned the trade from being hands on in the field and working one on one with skilled craftsmen as well as demanding customers. Tom climbed quickly through the ranks to start running his own contracting business that included many trades such as carpentry (framing and interior trim), concrete, electrical, roofing and several others. This hands-on approach and experience taught him valuable lessons about how to build with quality of up most importance.

Scott Bates

Scott Bates - Co-Founder and builder - grew up in a family that was in the business of interior finishes and decorating. Scott went to work for a large commercial contracting firm where he quickly became a project manager overseeing large construction projects. His experiences there ranged from in-house mechanical, electrical, plumbing and steel fabrication, as well as general contracting. This unique combination is what makes his experience as a builder different, due to the focus on building sciences, energy efficiencies and interior design. Both Tom and Scott bring these unique elements to designing and building custom homes and remodels that are unique and challenging, which is why they say “We Build Outside the Box”.

Project /Sales / Design

Heather, Scott & Amy are responsible for budgeting and interior and exterior design choices. 
Scott will work with you to provide a budget that is within your reach while meeting your building goals. 
Amy, and Heather will help you choose the design finishes for your home as well as keeping you up to date on scheduling and installation of the finishes.

Construction / Production

Steve, Brian & Tom work together to get your home built. Tom will oversee the production management of the build. Brian and Tom are on the job managing your home build.

Meet the Builders
We love working closely with you to give you the perfect space for you and your family.
Scott will meet with you to evaluate your needs and desires. After a thorough consultation, Scott will provide you with a budget that meets all of your criteria and make sure that the budget is adhered to.
Co Owner / Sales
Heather will work closely with you to choose all of your interior and exterior design choices, from doors and windows to flooring and exterior siding.
Interior & Exterior Design / Selections
Amy is responsible for your design choice production. She will make sure that all of your design choices are ordered and ready for installation. Contact Amy if you have any questions or changes with your choices.
Project Manager
Tom is on the job making sure that all production runs smoothly and in a timely manner. He coordinates construction workers, engineers, and architects as well as adhering to safety codes and other regulations.
Co Owner / Construction Manager
Brian oversees the construction build of your new home. He makes sure that each phase of construction is on time and up to Ceci Bates standards. This includes collaborating with engineers, adhering to safety codes and other regulations.
Construction Manager
Steve will coordinate construction workers, and engineers to build your new custom home. This entails tracking the projects progress and updating appropriate personnel. He will make sure that all building standards and regulations are adhered to.
Construction Manager
Make your dream home a reality.